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Sark Methodist Church and Sanctuary Centre

Our ethos is summed up in three words: presence, participation and partnership.

Presence: this small congregation has a heart for serving the community and feel that every aspect of life is important to God and this needs to be reflected by being present in and serving the community.       

Participation: the community was listened to attentively and intentionally to identify what was needed in the future to meet the short, medium, and long term needs of Sark. The vision for the Sanctuary Centre was born, a flexible, multiuse and multipurpose facility, and open to all.

Partnership: we wanted to work with what Sark already had and not duplicate what is already on island, so these facilities would complement what is already available. We have been partnered in many ways to raise funds for the capital build: local fund raising, UK grant providers, the Methodist Connexion, the Guernsey Methodist Circuit and churches as well as the Guernsey Anglican Deanery. The Sark Community Blooms group have worked with us planning, preparing, and planting the landscaping around the Centre. There are several partner organisations running programmes in the Centre.

For Retreats, we work in partnership with accommodation providers, restaurants and creative professionals so that together we support the local economy as well as trying to extend the tourist season.

Sark Sanctuary Centre: Important Information


The extension to Sark Methodist Church was completed in March 2017 and consists of a hall, kitchen, several multipurpose rooms, and toilets. There is Wi-Fi throughout and multimedia facilities in the chapel, hall and two upstairs rooms. Please note that as Methodist premises, no alcohol is allowed on the premises. There are views across the island to the east and over the neighbouring islands of Brecqhou, Guernsey, Herm and Jethou to the west. It is conveniently located for access to the western headland, Little Sark and the centre of the island, with the north and east coasts relatively near too. There is a small shop nearby the Centre.

We believe God is interested in the holistic nature of life and as many economies are struggling we made a conscious decision not to replicate anything that can be found on the island. As the island is 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, proximity is not really a problem. Therefore, we are working with local businesses to provide accommodation and restaurants to provide meals. This also gives you more opportunity to experience more of what Sark can offer.

On the accommodation page, you can find a large selection of properties available. Why not extend your stay with an additional night or two before and after the retreat to enjoy more of this unique island? Some providers give a discount if you stay longer than two nights. Please book and pay direct with the proprietor, mentioning you are coming on retreat to the Sanctuary Centre.

We will be making use of three restaurants on the island for evening meals on Friday and Saturday, then for lunch on Sunday. You will be able to make your selection from their menus and pay locally for what you eat and drink. For the Saturday lunchtime, you will be able to pre order a packed lunch at a cost of £5 provided by the local shop.

Please make sure you bring enough cash as there are NO cash machines on the island, although credit and debit cards are widely accepted. There is HSBC bank and NatWest at the Post Office, where you can withdraw cash. Many establishments offer cash back on your purchase.

Do visit the tourism website to find out about travel to the island and to find out more about our beautiful island http://www.sark.co.uk/


All weather walking shoes/boots (there are no cars on Sark)

Waterproof coat, hat & sunscreen

Torch (a must!) as there are no street lights

The development of the Sark Ecumenical Partnership

There has been a close relationship between St Peter’s Church and the Methodist Church on Sark for many years: supporting each other’s traditions; following a regular pattern of united services and liaison over pastoral needs.

Having worshipped together on many occasions and worked together in the service of God and the people of Sark in so many varied ways, we believed that the time was right to create the opportunity for both churches to exercise their distinct and shared ministries sharing a single minister (the ‘Minister’).

We therefore enter into this partnership together for the sake of the gospel and the people of Sark as a sign of God’s calling to us today.   

The partnership began in September 2017.


“I have been going to Messy Church since it began on Sark in 2011. It is something that my children and I can enjoy together, creating, having fun and sharing a meal. There is an enormous sense of community in the sessions, and everyone is welcomed in.”

Local Mum


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Gouliot Headland in spring